Nevada Division of Water Resources, Office of the State Engineer – Deputy Administrator

Under direction of the State Engineer, this position administers the activities and programs of major sections within the Division of Water Resources. The position will assist the State Engineer on a nearly daily basis with decisions related to the responsibilities of the Division. The position directly supervises a Manager II and Chief Section head(s) and is responsible for guiding the work output of the Sections. The position will assign work projects, check the progress of the assignments and verify that the final product meets the Division’s high standards in order to best carry out the responsibilities of the Division, including the ability to withstand judicial review. The position performs review of final work products for compliance with the water law and Division policies and programs; performs final review and approval on projects and water right rulings; develops and monitors multiple budgets; establishes goals and objectives; and evaluates staff in each program area. This position also represents the State Engineer before various boards, committees, business groups, civic groups, homeowners associations and the legislature. This position may also serve on technical advisory committees to explain Division policy, state statutes and regulations regarding water resource issues and works closely with the deputy attorney generals, keeping informed of ongoing litigation and assuring arguments that are being made on the State Engineer’s behalf comport with his or her understanding of the decisions being defended, the facts and the law.

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