WestFAST Federal-State Collaboration: Report and Repository

This report is a primer on Federal/State positions on collaboration for use by those interacting in the issues of water resources in the West.  You can download the report here: Review of Policies, Perspectives, and Expectations for Federal/State Collaboration in Western Water Resource Management  

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  • Water-Climate Change Program Inventory

WestFAST Agencies Water-Climate Change Program Inventory (2010)

This report was developed to support the WSWC's Water Needs and Strategies for a Sustainable Future: Next Steps report, Objectives 30-40. The inventory was conducted from October 2009 – March 2010, and includes information on FY 2009, 2010, and proposed 2011 activities and budget as available. WestFAST Agencies Water-Climate Change Program Inventory (April 2010)

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