The Department of Law currently has four vacancies for Assistant Attorneys General positions in water units within the Natural Resources and Environment section. Please note that unless otherwise specified by the applicant, by submitting an application you will be considered for all four vacancies.

Federal & Interstate Water Unit: The Federal & Interstate Water Unit is seeking three separate attorneys who are qualified and interested in assisting in federal and interstate water litigation, compact rulemakings and negotiations involving groundwater management, compact compliance, environmental permitting, and related matters. Responsibilities for each attorney will include representing the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water Resources (the State Engineer’s Office), Compact Commissioners, and the State of Colorado as needed to help protect and honor Colorado’s rights and obligations under interstate water compacts and the State’s sovereign interests over water administration within its borders.

Each of the F&I Water Unit attorneys will assist other unit attorneys in managing the legal aspects of the State’s interstate water compacts and the intersection between federal reserved water rights or federal environmental programs and state water rights administration within Colorado.  In addition, the three positions in the F&I Unit will each have a focus on a different river basin:

  • Rio Grande Basin. The Rio Grande Basin attorney will help lead counsel in interstate compact litigation among Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and the United States as well as implementing and approving groundwater management programs, agreements, and plans to maximize use of the water supply in Colorado while maintaining compliance with the Colorado and Rio Grande Compact.
  • Colorado River Basin.  The Colorado River Basin attorney will work in a team of specialists actively involved in implementing programs and developing agreements and plans to maximize the water supply in Colorado while maintaining compliance with the Colorado and Upper Colorado River Basin Compacts and other elements of the Law of the River.
  • Republican River Basin.  The Republican River Basin attorney will work with co-counsel to finalize passage of the Republican River Compact Compliance Rules and work with the Division of Water Resources and the Colorado Water Conservation Board to ensure Colorado’s compliance with the Republican River Compact going forward.

Water Conservation Unit: The Water Conservation Unit is seeking a qualified and interested attorney to focus on intrastate water matters and may work in both the Water Conservation Unit and the Water Resources Unit.  The attorney in this position will primarily represent the Stream and Lake Protection Section of the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Division of Water Resources in water court as well as provide advice to these agencies on general water matters.

Salary range: $6,550-$8,200