NOAA is soliciting comments on the annotated outline of NOAA’s draft S2S report

The report will serve as a guidepost for NOAA planning and execution, as well as to inform the public and NOAA’s stakeholders on its efforts on subseasonal and seasonal (S2S) forecasting. It will trace the continuum of effort for S2S, from products and services to the innovations needed to enable and improve them. The report is being organized around two main goals: (i) improving the skill of the S2S forecasts, and (ii) enhancing the value of S2S products for stakeholders.

In providing the annotated outline of this report, the NWS requests and will consider all substantive comments and information provided during the public comment period as we finalize this report. Feedback is sought on the scope of the outline and potential utility of this report, from relevant Federal, regional, State, Tribal, and local government agencies, research institutions, and the private sector.

The annotated outline available for comment can be found here.

Please email any comments or feedback on the annotate outline by August 10, 2018 directly to NOAA at